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So…how did you do yesterday? Did you try to pray without using words? Did you worship without singing or playing music? If you can answer “yes”….excellent! If not…why not? To be honest…I had a difficult time doing it myself! Just being honest… Are you and I more comfortable using words and music because it’s just become a habit? The most creative Being in the universe created us, created worship, created instruments, books, music, trees, people, babies, pets, relationships and weather…just to name a few. We should be in awe just from looking out at the world in which we live, because God created it for you and for me!

prayer and worship

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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if you couldn’t speak and didn’t have music, could you still pray and worship the God we serve? my guess is that it would be difficult to break the habit of depending on words and sounds to pray and to worship. but isn’t it really about relationship…more than the words we say or the songs we sing? YES! A resounding YES! try it today. try praying to God without speaking…let your life BE a prayer. try worshipping without your iPod, iPhone, iPad or smartphone…let your life BE an expression of worship today! let’s see how different our lives would be AND how it would affect those we come in contact with today! PRAY! WORSHIP!