Basic Math

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

We all learned at an early age our basic math formulas, equations and symbols. We know at + means adding things together, – is minus or taking away something, = is the equals sign representing the result of solving a math problem. Then we got into things like multiplication, shown by an “x”, division “/”, etc. We also learned about greater than and less than, > <, respectively. 

While we will look at all of these, today I just want to focus on >. Put simply, HE > me, meaning that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (trinity) is ALWAYS greater than I am. He is greater than my plans, thoughts and ideas about life. He is greater than my biggest problem, addiction, habit, enemy, issue or hurt. HE IS GREATER THAN…anything I face. The problem is that I try to face things alone. And when I/we do that, I/we are behaving as if we > He. And we’re not. Plain and simple. As a matter of fact, I prefer HE > me. Once you learn that formula, you can put anything after the “>” sign and it will ALWAYS = the best plan. So, to review:

HE + 0 > me = best plan for my life!

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