What’s your Pacifier?

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

When we get hurt, disappointed, angry, etc., we make choices that will either push us toward God or push us away from Him. It’s at that moment in our day, in our week…in our life that we will turn immediately to the thing that brings satisfaction! It’s at that precise moment in time that we will turn toward what is familiar and makes us feel better…even if it’s only for a little while. At that moment…we turn to…our PACIFIER!!! 

Pacify: to bring to state of peace; to calm; to soothe; to restore order.

Some of the top 160 names for a pacifier (according to babycenter.com) were things like; nummy-nunar, pluggerdoodle, teetock, wubby, and Mr. Chewy).

When you were nervous about a long car ride or needed to feel a little more secure that there was really nothing under your bed or in your closet, your pluggerdoodle brought with it a state of peace and soothed you. And that was ok…when you were an infant. But how many of you know that you would have some issues if you’re in middle school still using a wub-a-nub to restore order to your otherwise chaotic world.

So…we have some examples of what more mature people use for a  “teetock”, a “wubby” or a “Mr. Chewy”. Because a pacifier is nothing more than anything we turn to (other than God) when life gets a little hard to manage on our own. How about…shopping, computers, technology, gaming, phones, relationships, internet.  

The 3 BIG “Fs”: Facebook, Food and Fashion. Or…anything that prevents you from turning to God as your source of peace, comfort and order.


(from Babycenter.com)

Some pediatricians and speech experts say 12 months is a good time to wean your child from the pacifier because this marks the beginning of a dramatic speech development phase. If your child often has a pacifier in his mouth, he may be less likely to babble and practice talking, or the pacifier may distort his speech.But that’s not a hard and fast rule. Many children use a pacifier well into their toddler and even preschool years. For these kids, the pacifier may serve as a so-called transitional object – that is, something that relieves stress and helps them adjust to new or challenging situations, like starting daycare or taking a long car ride. If your child takes great comfort from his pacifier, you can let him continue to use it until he develops other coping mechanisms. Just be aware that there are some reasons to consider banishing the binky sooner rather than later. One, as mentioned above, is that pacifier use can interfere with speech development. Sucking on a pacifier locks a child’s mouth in an unnatural position, making it more difficult for him to develop his tongue and lip muscles normally, says Patricia Hamaguchi, a speech-language pathologist from Cupertino, California, and author of Childhood, Speech, Language, and Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know. Another reason to give up the pacifier is to help your child sleep on his own. If your child becomes dependent on a pacifier to fall asleep, you may have to get up and find it for him every time he wakes during the night.

So…let’s translate these studies into our current lives. Using a pacifier longer than we should can prevent us from speaking correctly or verbally communicating with others. Using a pacifier longer than natural can even affect our sleep, our rest. We need to develop other coping mechanisms! Remember…Pacify: to bring to state of peace; to calm; to soothe; to restore order.

When we continue to turn to things other than God for our comfort and peace, we end up with a bag full of pacifiers that were never meant to replace an actual experience of the Living God! 

Your relationship with God will only be as deep as your experience of God.

So, the problem may be that you have never had a real, legitimate experience of God that you can call your own. If you haven’t had a genuine experience of God…beyond just going forward at a meeting…you’ll never experience the depth of the promises of God contained throughout His word! And you’ll think that His promises are always for “someone else”…and never meant to be for you.

Psalm 107:8-9 8 Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them. 9 For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

Acts 17:24-25 24 “He is the God who made the world and everything in it. Since he is Lord of heaven and earth, he doesn’t live in man-made temples, 25 and human hands can’t serve his needs—for he has no needs. He himself gives life and breath to everything, and he satisfies every need.

So…the next time you’re thinking about turning to your “plugger doodle” because you feel like your life’s out of control…turn to God instead!

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